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Log Date: Saturday, Jun 23, 2018
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff


Cruise Date: June 23-30 Jardines Aggressor 1 (Walls of Zapata)


Captain: Luis Miguel Alfaro

Engineer: Yurisbel Rodriguez

Cruise Director: Suliet Sordo

Steward: Amarilis Sanchez

Chefs: Anibal Frade and Josiel Jimenez

Dive Masters: Gustavo Lopez, Irain Abreu, Jose Luis Casanova, Sergio murgado

Marine Biologist: Antonio Cardenas 

Weather conditions:

Water temp 80

Visibility 60- 100 ft


Dive sites of the week


-Irumis Reef

-Anemone’s Garden


-Canon de Cayo Blanco

-Sergio’s Reef

-Gorgonian’s Garden (Night Dive)



-Georgiana Reef

-La Mano de Dios

-Canon de Blanco (Night Dive)


-Delije Drop

-Gloria’s Garden (Afternoon and night Dive)


-Fisherman wall

-Hidden Reef

Canon de Blanco (night Dive)




-Permit Reef




Early in the morning the Aggressor started engines to reach the first Diving Location, Irumis Reef. Check out Dive took place on a sandy terrace with some coral formations; lots of mayor sergeants, yellow tails snappers and many other fish accompanied the group of divers. The second dive was by the wall, impressive drop of that goes from 30 ft to no bottom, Divers were impressed with the variety of bright sponges and different coral shapes formations growing vertically on the wall

Afternoon dives were also nice, we had a thermocline on the first 45 ft of water and below that was crystal clear visibility 


First dive started at 8:00 am at Canon de Cayo Blanco reef dive site, a big canyon in the wall that goes to 8oft, a wall fully covered by corals and sponges is waiting down there. Colonies of black coral aiming to the blue are giving the scape even more beauty, A big spotted eagle ray came from the blue to welcome the bubbling visitors, divers saw some queen angel fish, a green moray eel and big snappers


The boat moved to Sergio’s reef in the afternoon, a sandy bottom with some coral heads precede the deep fore reef; the group was looking for little critters on top of the wall. Night dive was also really nice and quiet; a huge African pompano came to the divers and swam among them, different tonalities of silver shined when we lighted the fish



Georgiana Reef: The mooring for the boat is located on a sandy area close to the wall, some heads of corals are on the way to the drop of, we saw different kind of fish there, some sting rays resting on the sand, big school of yellowtail snappers and few barracudas, the wall was also beautiful, big barrel sponges all over the place and there was a place with the biggest sea plumes variety we’ve ever seen, it looks like an underwater meadow

Afternoon dives were at La Mano de Dios, an Impressive deep wall fully covered by deep sea fans and black coral colonies 


The morning started with big eagle rays at Delije reef, the group of divers was swimming along the wall about 75 ft deep and four Rays were swimming opposite direction of the divers, suddenly they make a circle and went away down wall, the divers did take some good pictures

Night dive was good too, but a bit short due to a local storm and dives had to go back to the vessel sooner than expected


Thursday was the golden day of the week, we visited the fisherman wall, an spectacular coral wall with big scarps and overhangs all over, huge coral development and lots of fish movement, a big group of Cubera snappers is living there, barracudas hunting small fish on the top of the wall and again the eagle rays coming along the wall, the afternoon dives were done at the Hidden reef, a coral wall preceded by a sea grass area, also with lots of fish. This time we were looking for hamlets, we saw many of them, the golden one was there

Night dive was at canon de Blanco but this time over the wall, they saw lobsters, different crabs, a school of squids and big puffer fish, a big red star fish moving under the coral head 




Permit reef was the place for the last diving morning, as soon as we got the wall we saw a 500 plus Goliath grouper, a school of cuberas snapper was swimming along the wall as well as a big group of king mackerel. The corals in the wall are very healthy, many deep sea fans and sponges, the sight was outstanding

Back on the boat at noon, we were ready to go back to port; cocktail party was celebrated and diving awards and memories of the week.