Jardines Aggressor I Staff & Crew
 Dr. Julio A. BaisreDr. Julio A. Baisre
The Cuba Travel Program includes a presentation by Dr. Julio Baisre, world renowned expert in the study of spiny lobster. Dr. Baisre graduated in 1968 from the University of Havana as a marine biologist. He completed his Ph.D. in Fisheries,  “Fisheries Resources of the Cuban Archipelago: Ecological Background and Strategies for Management.” He was awarded the Carlos J. Finlay Order, Cuba’s highest scientific recognition, served as President of the Cuban Aquaculture Society and headed the multidisciplinary group which drafted the new Fisheries Law which was formally approved by the Cuban Council of State. He has been instrumental in the development, introduction and enforcement of many regulations in the Cuban fisheries sector including aquaculture development, species introduction and licensing systems.
Capt. Luis

Captain Luis Miguel Alfaro Insula

Was born August 13, 1970. The Captain of JA2, has been in love with the sea his whole life. Son of a lobster fisherman has been in the boats since he was a kid, spent every holiday with his father fishing for lobster. He has been also very involved in free diving sports. Made his was to professional Captain in the Naval Academy on Cuba, where he graduated in the year 2006. Started working that year in a diving and fly fishing charter boat. 

Andres Jimenes Castillo, Marine Biologist

Born in Santa Clara, Cuba. Andres is one of two marine biologists working with the Jardines Aggressor. Andres started diving 1998 and is now an SSI instructor. Andres is married with a 5-year old girl and a 2-year old boy. Andres studied biology with a focus in marine biology over a term of 6 years. His father would take him snorkeling and spearfishing which is how he became fascinated with the ocean. Being underwater had always been one of his dreams.   His first dive was at the Habana Nautical club. He has now been in the industry for 12 years. Loves diving in Cuba waters and feels it’s special because of the prolific underwater life.
Tony Cardenas Enriquez, Marine Biologist

Tony Cardenas Enriquez, Marine Biologist

Tony is from Havana, Cuba and spent 5 years in college getting his degree. He worked at the National Aquarium as a ecologist. He is married with a son who is 11 and daughter who is 4. He has worked on liveaboard for 10 years. When growing up would visit the first dive center in Cuba and would visit twice a year. He dived for the first time when he was 8 years old in the swimming pool. He loves the ocean and silence that comes with it.
 Yoel Aguero Suarez, Cruises Director
Yoel Aguero Suarez, Cruise Director

Yoel is married and has a 10-year-old son and a 2-year-old daughter. He was born in Cienfuegos and graduated in tourism. His practical experience in the hospitality industry began in hotels but he has spent the last 10 years on liveaboards, which is also where he learned to dive.
 Suliet Sordo, Cruise DirectorSuliet Sordo, Cruise Director
Suliet was born in Ciego de Avila Province and studied Hospitality after high school and has worked in the hotel/liveaboard industry for 10 years. She loves both the sea and taking care of guests. Suli, as she is known by the crew has been on several scuba dives but is not yet certified.
 Yurisbel Rodriguez, EngineerYurisbel Rodriguez, Engineer
Born in Ciego de Avila Province. Yuri started in the industry as a tender driver. He graduated from the naval academy as an engineer and has been in the industry for 11 years. His family is made up of a generation of fishermen (father fished shrimp for the state.) and his two boys love to fish for shrimp also.  Yuri was part of the refurbishment of the Jardines Aggressors while at dry dock. He enjoys resting with his family when not working on the boat.
 Irain Abreu, DivemasterIrain Abreu, Divemaster
Irain was born in Ciego de Avila. Married with 3 boys, 9, 7, 6, Irain started diving 4 years ago but has been a fishing guide for 11 years. He has been involved with fishing all his life as a hobby. His father took him fishing as a child and the passion has remained. On his off time he likes to hunt deer. Diving is his favorite part of job.  
 Noel Lopez, InstructorNoel Lopez, Instructor
Noel started diving in 1987. He wanted to learn how to dive for as long as he can remember. His parents took him to the beach once a year but he started diving only after his friends found dive gear on the black market. He started out using a double hose regulator. In 1989 he became the compressor manager at local dive shop. He also took up spearfishing but he now shoots pictures instead.   When he took up photography 15 years ago, he built his own housing. Noel has now been working on liveaboards for the last 20 years. He has been married for 22 years and has a 21-year-old son.  Noel is also a mechanical engineer.
 Capt. Chino Luis
Ramon ‘Chino” Luis, Tender Driver
Chino was born in Ciego de Avila and has been a fisherman since he was 16 then in the military for 3 years. Since then, he has worked in tourism in Cuba. He started driving tenders, became an engineer then Captain. He loves to spend time with his family.
 Fabio Gluglilmo, Head Chef
Fabio Gluglilmo, Head Chef

Fabio is Swiss and has lived in Cuba for 1 ½ years. He worked ias a chef in Paladar at Tapa restaurants. He loves to cook and for 10 years owned his own restaurant. He is very interested in learning to dive during his time off.  
 Lioñar Abad, Chef
Lioñar Abad, Chef

Lionar is from Guantanamo and been cooking for 14 years. He has two children and is very interested in learning to dive.
 Josiel Jimenez, Chef
Josiel Jimenez, Chef

Josiel was born in Ciego de Avila and spent 16 years in Cayo Cocos. He is married and has two boys age 5 and 8. He loves to be with family when not working. He scuba dives but is not certified yet.
 Amarilis Sanchez, StewardessAmarilis Sanchez, Stewardess
Born in Ciego de Avila Province. Amarilis studied Hospitality after high school and has been in the hotel/liveaboard industry for 10 years. She loves both the sea and taking care of guests. Although not a diver, she hopes to learn one day and take advantage of her opportunities on the Jardines Aggressor. She is dedicated to her children, 18 year old daughter and 10 year old son, and spends all her off time with them when she is not working. Her son loves baseball and her daughter wants to study medicine.