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The Oceans for Youth Foundation is a nonprofit foundation designed to actively promote underwatereducation, and an appreciation and respect for the oceans. It is thefoundations belief that a young person introduced early to the wonders of the oceans will become much more environmentally aware, and practice lifelong attitudes of ocean conservation, preservationand protection.rnrn

Using a nationwide force of concerned volunteers armed with a variety of educational tools, the Foundation funds and organizes specific programs that help young people become more aware and interested in the aquatic environment.

Cuba:  Hope
"Cuba’s burgeoning marine park system gives me hope for the future of our oceans and the threatened marine species living within them.  For example, the Jardines de la Reina (Gardens of the Queen) MPA (marine protected area) is the single most impressive conservation success I have witnessed over the past 25 years.  Where else can you dive with multiple species of sharks, snorkel with salt water crocodiles in lush mangroves and explore majestic strands of endangered elkhorn coral in the same day … maybe even before lunch?!  When I think of Cuba, I smile.  When I look at my travel schedule, I make sure Cuba is on it."
-- Scott Johnson, Renowned Photojournalist
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