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Log Date: Saturday, Nov 30, 2019
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff


Jardines Aggressor II Captains Log 
Nov 30 – Dec 6, 2019



CAPTAIN: Eric Ceruto Corzo 

CRUISE DIRECTOR: Yemney Amador Legón

ENGINEER: Victor Emerson Emerson

DECK SAILOR: Nowel Ortiz Chinea 

STEWARDESS: Yaicelín Montelier Rivera

CHEFS: Lioñar Abad and Ramón Hernández Jiménez


                           Tender1: Michael Echemendía y Yoelvis Falcón

                            Tender2: Jorge Casanova de Armas y Joel García Velez


                           Tender1: Elvis Benitez Ortega

                           Tender2: Gualberto Morales



Visibility: 80F-85F

Water Temp: 82F- 84F




Tender1: Anclitas, Finca de Pepe

Tender2: Boca Anclitas, Anclitas


Tender1: Coral Negro II, Cueva del Pulpo, La Cubera, Cueva del Pulpo(night dive)

Tender2: Fie Sea, Los Mogotes, La Raya, Cueva del Pulpo(night dive)


Tender1: Five Sea, Los Mogotes, La Raya, La Trampa(Night Dive)

Tender2: Coral Negro II, Cueva del Pulpo, La Cubera, Boca de Piedra(Night Dive)


Tender1: Coral Negro I, Mary Flores, La Culebra, Boca Anclitas

Tender2:  Los Indios, Boca de Piedra, La Cana, Finca de Pipín


Tender1: Farallón, Pipín, La Cana, Los Sabalos

Tender2: Vicente, Intermedio, Peruano, Pius Reef


Tender1: Vicente, Los Meros

Tender2: Farallón, Pipín



SUNDAY: After dinnertime, O.F.Y. Presentation about Biodiversity Record with Tony.

TUESDAY: Visit to the Iguanas and Jutías.

                     Snorkel with the Croc.

THURSDAY: Snorkel in the Elkhorn Sanctuary.

                       Ocean For Youth Presentation with Tony.



SATURDAY: Around 7:00pm our 22 divers arrived to the Marina, tired and hungry they came from Camaguey airport, a whole group lead by a repeat client in charge of this week. Dinner was ready and the service was excellent and fast. They were happy about the boat and their cabins, and crew saw many happy faces by the end of the night.

SUNDAY: At 6:15am we left the harbor to Caballones Beach, water was calm like a soup plate. Once we anchored lunch was ready and our first dive was at 2:00pm. Both tenders were ready in advanced when the JAII started entering to the Caballones Chanel. Dive masters did the hard job and everyone was ready to go on time. Dives were great. Groupers were around us like if they were also divers, and many pictures were taken.

MONDAY: Beautiful morning, cold wind but not strong, breakfast was early, and the sunrise was a big show from inside the restaurant and trough the huge crystal walls that gives a beautiful 360 degree view.

Coral Negro II was beyond our imagination, a lot of Silky and Caribbean Reef Sharks were swimming with us all the time, they came like a bullet directly to our face and at last minute with a quick movement they just dodged us. there were are least 15 sharks. In moments like this is when you discover you are really alive. First night dive and it was excellent, all of our divers loved it, but also loved HOT TOWELS AND HOT CHOCOLATE WITH CUABAN  RUM.

TUESDAY: Busy day, with a really tight schedule but perfect weather for diving. First dive in the morning was marvelous, they all had a big smile in their faces. Finally we saw the Croc in its channel, that was awesome and some of our divers went into the water with him, we also visited Iguanas and Jutías at the beach, and they loved Jutías, except for one of our divers who was afraid of them! and even more, when something cute happened, one of the biggest males was stand up in his back foot, and with his tiny hands was trying to reach the fruit we were giving to him, they look like a squirrel, and this time he got my hand really firm and held it while he was eating the fruit with his other hand, that was so cute.

Second night dive was very claimed by them, and even those who werent diving had hot shower, hot chocolate with rum and a dancing crew at their return to the boat, and salsa lessons we were planning for Wednesday night. They were happy.

WEDNESDAY: This day started with a birthday, but we wanted to surprise him, so we were pretending we didnt know. Plan of the day was four day dives, two in the morning and two in the afternoon, 1 hour each dive. We went diving very early in the morning, and both tenders left the mothership at the same time, 7:30am. They all were back onboard with a good mood.

Lunchtime was special, because we had some Cuban Sandwiches, courtesy of our Chefs Leo and Ramón, besides usual Menu. Dives this day were a fist of sharks, and we had this friendly Goliath Grouper playing with us all the time, she was on the very bottom looking directly to the eyes of one of our divers, and she was making the same movements than him, was fun to see. This Groupers are very curious, they try all the time to know or guess what are we doing. 

We also had a birthday and we celebrated at night. Big and beautiful cake and happy birthday song was the greatest of the night. Salsa lesson after dinner and party. 

THURSDAY: Sunrise were perfect for a romantic scene in a movie. Four-day dives were a success, Coral Negro site dive, with a spur and grooves reef. 24 to 32 m deep (84 to 112 feet) received us with abundant reef sharks, a sleepy nurse shark, at least 4 black groupers, several parrotfishes, and a large school of horse eye jack. Black coral, sponges, corals and gorgonians are very common in this area. Was not less interesting diving in Los Indios, a big wall reef left us astonished. 19 to 35 m deep. Sponges, black coral, corals, gorgonians, are also common in this particular spot; shrimp, big lobsters. and reef sharks were hanging with us, and a beautiful and rare nudibranch took the attention of everyone. And when we were finishing diving, at 5 or 7mn before our security stop, a hawksbill turtle was swimming closer and closer to use awesome is the word for describe it.

FRIDAY: Beautiful morning and two last dives this week, they were like soldiers well trained and were on time, at their return from the second dive, they rinsed and dried properly all their equipment with the crew help, and also tied it because the boat started move at lunchtime. Dive in Vicente was one of the best dives of the week, beautiful Wall Reef. 24 to 35 m deep (84 to 122 feet). Sponges, corals, octocorals, black coral, reef sharks, silky sharks, a punch of black groupers, schools of jacks, it was marvelous. 

Our arrival at the harbor was around 5:30pm, all guest were excited about docking in such a tiny spot in between the dock and other boat named Avalon Fleet I, seeing how the Captain putted this big boat (length of 120 ft, a wide of 24ft, and a draft of 9ft), so precisely, was great.

Second Birthday of this week but not less important for the crew, our goal is clients be not only satisfied but also being beyond their expectations. We made a beautiful chocolate rounded cake that he loved. Happy Birthday song was sang by the crew, and the Captain himself gave him directly the cake with a hand shaking.