Travel Logs


Log Date: Thursday, Dec 20, 2018
Entry By: Cuba Travel Program Staff


Oceans For Youth Foundation

December 20 Charter








CHEF 1: Leo 

CHEF 2: Ramon, Leo

Dive Masters: Mike, Lazaro

Skiff drivers: Elvis 



Visibility: 100f

Temp: 78-80f


Havana Program

Guests arrived to the Havana airport. The trip was good. Amistur Guide was waiting at the airport, gave a very detailed explanation about the program in the way to the hotel. The hotel was really nice. We went for dinner, the name of the restaurant is Ivans house he was a great food.

Breakfast in the hotel was really nice and at 9am we had a meeting with Julio Baisre in a conference room for a presentation about the marine ecosystems. The researcher Julio is a well-known Cuban scientist; the presentation about fisheries and management was really interesting. After the presentation we went on a City tour where we visited the main squares of the old part of Havana. Beautiful architecture and we had a detailed explanation of our guide about history and Cuban way of life.

Lunch took place in a restaurant called Atelier in modern Havana.

After lunch we went in a bus tour in the modern area of the City, we visited the main areas and avenues Revolution Square, Malecon etc. Some people decided to go back to the hotel stayed there for resting. Id night we had dinner at Casa restaurant it is a House in a residential area of the city. The food was great.






SUNDAY: Anclitas, Los Mogotes, Dark Reef, Train Reef

MONDAY: Cabezo de la Raya, Cabezo de la Cubera, La Culebra, Mariflores

TUESDAY: Five Sea, Cueva del Pulpo, Boca de Piedra, Luisa Reef

 WEDNESDAY: Black Coral 2, La Cana, El Peruano, Anclitas

THURSDAY: Farallon, Patricia, Pipin, Finca de Pepe

FRIDAY: Montaña Rusa, Boca Anclitas



MONDAY: Visit Iguanas, and Jutias in the Beach

TUESDAY: Crocodiles in the Lagoon

WEDNESDAY: Mangrove Tour from Boca de Piedra, to Caballones, and Snorkeling In the Reef



Guests arrived to Jucaro port around 3:00 pm, from Havana. We arrive late afternoon to Caballones, to spentd 2 nights there.



After the first dive (check out dive), we moved between Caballones, and Boca de Piedra, because the weather was no good, and there is safer. In Boca the Piedra, all Dive Sites are closer than Caballones. In this occasion they saw many Caribbean Reef Sharks, and Tarpons School. They made night dive and saw many Lobsters, And Crabs. At the end when they returned to the boat, enjoyed with mojitos, and hot chocolate with rum Havana club.



We were still in Caballones, and moved to Boca de Piedra in the Afternoon. The day started raining a lot, but after the first dive, the sun came up.

Cabezo de la Raya, and Cabezo de la Cubera, beautiful places full of schools of tarpons in this season, also sharks and the beauty of the Golden fairy Basslet, the afternoon was rainy but the sea was smooth and we made the other two dives, guests enjoyed to see the sharks, horse eye jacks and others. 



The boat was staying in Boca de Piedra. No Rain in the morning and a bit rainy in the afternoon. Five seas dive site was the best place; guests saw many Caribbean reef sharks and a lot fish. The last dive was in Cueva del Pulpo (night dive) and saw crab, nurse shark slipping in the sand, calamari, and octopus. It was really amazing. At Night we had Christmas celebration. 



Only one dive in Boca the Piedra. Guests said they never dove in such an amazing place before. It was so full of life. There was not much rain, most day sun was shining, and guests visited one of the best dive sites: black coral 2. There they saw Caribbean reef sharks, and a lot of fish like tarpon, Big Groupers, schools of different kinds of snappers. There was also snorkeling on the shallow reef. At the end of the day at night they enjoyed the grill in the top of the boat with mojitos, although the weather was not good this night.



It was a windy morning but the dives were great with a lot of Silky sharks and tarpons, also guests went again to see the Elkhorn Coral shallow reef but we couldnt see it because the weather was not good, in the afternoon the wind increased.



Two Dives in the morning with silky sharks, and after that, back to Jucaro Harbor