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Our Oceans

These pages are dedicated to COOL VIDEOS and PHOTOS featuring the creatures found in our oceans through out the world. Check back here often for new additions.

More Videos Coming Soon!

Oceans For Youth Foundation Educational Video
Featuring Leslie Neelson and Jean-Michael Cousteau.

Watch the Introduction

Galapagos Adventure

Mangrove Forests


Do you have some crayons? Want to color some cool sea creatures? Check out our Marine Life Coloring Book.

What's That? Hey kids, did you ever need to do a report on ecology? Looking for an idea for a Science Project? Maybe you are doing research on whales? Marine Life
Check out these articles about Marine Life and have fun learning.

How Fishes Use Color
Story and photos by Marty Snyderman

How to Avoid Becoming "Snack Food" Escape Mechanisms in Marine Animals